My name is SINA NEJADBAHRAM. I was born in 1998 in (Tehran, IRAN) But I live in Los Angeles with my family. Thank God for giving me this life and a golden opportunity to see some around the world and grow my mind to become a good Piston to serve others who need hope, happiness, and a healthy life. If you have belief and faith you 100% achieve anything you want.

I can remember that I had more than 300 lb weight and in one accident my lumbar disk ditched a few years ago. In those days I wasn’t in good shape, and if somebody came forward and said your life will change and you will run in a Marathon, nobody will believe that! Would you believe it? Do you have that faith?

I always knew that I was going to change my life from that bad situation, and GOD always heard my voice. Finally, I started, there was no excuse ” GOD Was and is with ME, In MY HEART always”, everybody in the gym disappointed me and my mind and laughed at me!
And everything started with the 10K Marathon in Dubai! I had much pressure and hurt in my back, but I participated in that Marathon in Dubai and said to my mind I could do it and I did it. That was the big movement for my life and thanks to God, my life started changing and changing day by day, with practice at the gym, eating healthy food, having a good diet, and believing in a God.

I just wanted to say to you all my friends, you can do it too, you just need to start. Running 1 mile is better than you don’t run 1 mile!
So, maybe you ask me why running?

Running will give you many chances to see the beauty of nature, roads, trees, jungles, farms, lands, and people around you. You also have time to think about the next step of your life, what can you do to make yourself satisfied and happy, like helping people every day in your work and normal life.

Don’t hear the words of negative. Do not think negatively, I know at the beginning it was hard, but step by step, everything is possible and you can do it. Just believe in it and always be thankful to God for what he gave you and what he didn’t give you because he knows and wants the best for you.
You just need to be thankful, have patience, keep working hard on yourself, love people and serve them, take your responsibilities even very small, and make happiness in your small world. God will see it and going to take you to the next level of life.

My brother “ALI” and I, when we were in Switzerland and Studying hospitality, decided to run JKBO.ORG to find our path and build our community with hope for the people. We believe that God has a mission for us to do this, and we will do it.

I love you all,
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

Best Regards,